Athol Moult

Leopard “Elusive by Nature- Ming 2”

Ceramic sculpture

28cm (H) x 37cm (L) x 19cm (W)
Signed and numbered #2



“That leopards are able to survive in such a hostile human environment in the Western Cape, is amazing. I created a series of ceramic sculptures to celebrate their tenacity and the fact that these leopards have had to ‘change their spots’ in order to survive”.

Athol Moult

Inspired by the Cape Leopard’s elusive nature and patterned camouflage, this series of sculpted ceramic leopards, called “Ming” by South African artist Athol Moult.

Each leopard in the series has a unique hand painted glazing, a visual comment on how wild animals faced with human encroachment have to adapt to survive and avoid conflict or capture.


Colours are inspired by the white earthenware ceramics of the Chinese Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644), when the introduction of cobalt used for the underglaze blue decoration, was perfected. The Ming Dynasty also saw a shift to a market economy, exporting ceramics around the world.

Cruel irony lies in the new threat to the existence of Leopards in Africa by China, where the ban on trade in leopard bones has just been lifted.