The Cape Leopard Trust
The vision of the Cape Leopard Trust is to ensure the long-term survival of leopards, and to do this we need your help.

Our work is not just about leopards – the charismatic leopard is a catalyst that empowers landscape wide conservation efforts through research and education.


The future survival of the elusive leopards of the Cape is increasingly threatened by habitat destruction, human-wildlife conflict, illegal hunting and lack of prey availability.

By protecting the leopard and the habitats upon which it depends, we will alsobe safeguarding some of Africa’s most valuable natural heritage.


“Leopards matter – their presence maintains the natural balance of eco-systems, which in turn influences the well-being of people and communities. It is a privilege to have wild, free roaming leopards around us. Help us to save a spot for these iconic cats in our future.”

Helen Turnbull  CEO

The Cape Leopard Trust
Tel: 076 522 1201 (Helen Turnbull, CEO)